davak27-deactivated20140221 said: Im bored. Got any interesting tales in the life?

Always. I’m just full of stories. I recently learned how to tell if you have accidentally found yourself at the back of a funeral procession. I moved and a fox likes to come into my back yard to chase the pheasant. I went to Vegas and had some mini adventures…

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: Homemade pesto or homemade teriyaki?

both. I love food :)

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: Star Trek or star wars?

I have a weird hatred for space so I have never been a big fan of either

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: So I've just returned from Kuwait to Afghanistan. What are the most miserable places you've been?

I’m still a little mad at Tokyo. I used to hate LA! I had horrible experiences every time I was there but after I started going there all the time (and living there part time) I didn’t hate it so much. I can’t think of anywhere that would seem really miserable to me right now

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: Now I think I've been on the worst flight ever. Flying into a storm in Afghanistan in a itty bitty putter plane. What was your worst plane trip?

That sounds awful! I think the worst plane trip ever is a toss up between flirting with a hot guy the whole flight then getting sick from turbulance and throwing up in front of him or the time my dad took us flying in a little plane and got me and Lex so sick we were praying the plane would crash

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: What would you say to deployed troops in Afghanistan?

I would tell them thank you to start, and there is one in particular that I would tell to hurry up and come home because he’s supposed to be my travel buddy/partner in crime ;)

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: Are you a sometimes insomniac thats always a go go go or do you get in your downtime?

I have problems lol I’m always trying to go, go, go. I wish I didn’t have to sleep but I’m human. I don’t get down time very often but when I do have it I usually run away and reset or hang out with my family.

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: How bout military?

I’d say it’s a 50/50 shot

davak27-deactivated20130919 said: Would you ever date a brotha?

Definitely have and definitely would do it again

Frustrated with my learning situation

Why do I have to fill my head with the answers to everyone else’s questions? What about my questions? It’s my brain, shouldn’t I be able to fill it with whatever I want? Why do I have to learn stupid things I don’t care about and will never use and why do they give me tests to make sure I am properly conforming to the ideas of other people? Why do we all have to know the same things?  I want to learn things for myself and form my own opinions and know from experience. Why can’t learning be like this?